Mosstowie 33yo (1979) : Day 3 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calendar

My second 33yo in three days, and again this is a new distillery discovery for me too. Well I say that, but Mosstowie was never really a distillery. It is actually just whisky made at Miltonduff distillery with the help of ‘Lomond Stills’ between 1964-81. So you can understand why it’s hard to get hold of bottles of this stuff. Mosstowie has never really been on my radar until I tried some single cask Miltonduff last year that really excited me and I started doing some research. So I’m glad this bottle found its way into my sample box.

This whisky came in a sample swap with the gentleman that is @Jihmmiestumbler from The Nosing Arse Blog. We bonded over a love for whisky, cigars and sardonic humour (he’s a funny man!) which led us to swap samples of some of our most interesting bottles. I would highly recommend this as it’s a great way of being able to try as much different whisky as possible without having to constantly buy new bottles. I’m sad to say that we have never met, but I look forward to the day that we sit in the SMWS with a dram in hand and put the world to right.

Mosstowie 33yo (1979) (48%)
IMG_0014N: Sweetly aromatic nose. It’s light, playful, clean cut and very well balanced. This has similarities to certain older grain whiskies including certain Invergordons I’ve tasted from the 70s/80s. Grassy, lots of vanilla and pink marshmallows. Hint of citrus to start with before taking over as one of the main aromas. Delicate spices and some menthol toothpaste too. Pretty summery, intricate, mature and smooth. Like older grain, this is very enjoyable to nose.

P: Grass and hay like quality. Lightly fruits with a faint taste of green apples. It arrives incredibly gently before exploding with powered sweetness round the mouth. I’m in a sweet shop; marshmallows, penny sweets, red liquorice and mint imperials. Quite a menthol edge to this one too, but it integrates really well. Rounded off nicely with some cinnamon and gentle spices.

F: Long, creamy and increasingly tasty. Lots of vanilla and oakiness towards the end with more spices. Lingers beautifully.

Comments: This was one delicious dram. Brilliantly put together, beautifully balanced and very moorish. Held up well with age taking lots of varied flavours from the bourbon cask. Worked really well at 48% too. Perfect for a summers evening on the decking, but that’s not to say it wasn’t fantastic on this cold winter night by the fire either. Seems like a rare distillery to come across, so I’m really glad I have.


Thanks again to Mr Stumbler for the sample