Parliament is in session: Some tasty Glendronach’s

I enjoy whisky from Glendronach. I really do. They’ve just got it right. I love the complexity of flavours involved and their use of wood and particularly sherry. Their two main OB’s: 12yo Original and 15yo Revival are both solid drams that provide lots of scrumptious flavours. Their single casks are even better (even if some people find some of them too “sulphur-y” or “rubber-y”). Abbey Whisky released a fantastic single olorosso sherry cask bottling, which is sadly sold out now – but a real gem.
Following on from my last post….. I popped along to my local ‘Whisky Shop’ for a tasting of the BenRiach Distillers range; Glenglassaugh, BenRiach and Glendronach. The final three whiskies, two out of the three were my winners of the night, each had individual qualities that made my taste buds prick up their ears… or mouths…. Oh I don’t know… I enjoyed them ok!

Glendronach 15yo Port Cask (46%)
grnob.15yov3N: Slightly funky start before opening up. Quite spicy and sweet. Lots of raisins here. I get some earthy note and a slight sour one too. Slightly confusing.
P: Much easier on the palate. Soft, sweet, full, and rounded. Rich and full of fruits. Spiciness takes the lead before it gets quite peppery. Coats the mouth in sweetness.
F: Medium. Light and refreshing take on a port cask maturation. The sweetness works well with a very slight dryness at the end. Not what I was expecting, but I’d have this as an apertif whisky.

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 3 (54.9%)
grnob.non6N: Strong, powerful and prickly. Dusty sherry, hay and a vibrant oakiness. Nice mix between sweet & dry Olorosso/PX used (15 different casks apparently). Glupey sweetness and slightly oily. Berries, figs, peppery and a great spiciness quality. Although big, it’s pretty soft for its abv.
P: Rich, thick and relatively zesty. Deep sherry notes are sweet and warming with some good dusty tones too. Slightly bitter and herbal. Powerful, retaining the dark fruits I like from Glendronach. Again the spices are beautifully balanced. Really tasty.
F: Long, smooth, warming, perfectly balanced sherry-bomb. Yet it’s not over the top on the sherry as it retains a delicate velvety tone throughout. Incredibly drinkable and enjoyable. I bought a bottle with a friend within 5 minutes of tasting this one. For the price, I can’t recommend it enough!

Glendronach Parliament 21yo (48%)
grnob.21yoN: Again, nice and strong but has a gentler approach. Big sherry. Musky, dusty and nose filling. Beautiful balance between sweetness and woody dryness. I like the high spice profile here, it’s warm, earthy and herbal. I got some damp wood too. Nice and complex and completely moreish.
P: Fantastic arrival. Soft yet full of flavour. Musty, earthy and dark like a murky warehouse. Hint of old rum and slightly sour. Full of dark fruits covered with spicy, woody overtones. Smooth yet pretty complex. So much to enjoy.
F: Goes on and on. Love the hint of chocolate on the finish. Some dark berry notes are left, with a smidgen of woodiness. Lingers beautifully around the tongue. This is brilliant stuff with an array of complex flavours. Again, it was purchased very quickly. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this whisky, and for it’s age (let’s not just focus on that) and what you get inside the bottle, it is a cracking price. Currently at Master of Malt for £66.52. here

Thank you Glendronach. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep this whisky drinker happy.