SMWS 1.168 28yo (1984) : Day 20 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calender

Always nice trying older bottles from the SMWS. This 1984 Glenfarclas was sent by Stumbler.

SMWS 1.168 ‘Delightfully Dulcet Deliciousity’, 28yo (1984) (53.8%)
   N: Not sure I would have pegged this for a Glenfarclas. A light start but with a hidden darkness; rather astringent. Cherryade, porridge oats, off fruit and wet grass. After 15 minutes it changes, with some strong paint thinner, pricstick and metallic notes. Some nice strawberries though. Need to stay focused or you get confused with this one. 
P: Light arrival at this ABV. Incredibly fruity – crazily so. Off fruits from nose now move to ripe apples. Cornflakes, strawberry laces, tropical fruit, walnuts and wood spices. There’s an overriding unbalanced sweetness to this throughout that I can’t quit put my finger on. 
F: Long, spicy and woody. Bitterness couples with some oiliness, covering the mouth. Peaches, marshmallows and some Glenfarclas style leather. 
Comments: There are similarities with this to the Tomatin 21yo (this is less balanced overall though). It has an thought provoking nose, overriding fruits throughout and in general, very different. Weirdest Glenfarclas I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Mid 80s.
Thank you Stumbleton


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