North British 48yo (1962) : Day 21 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calender

2014 was the year I started discovering grain whisky, mostly thanks to Phil Story. I’ve tried some fantastic examples from the SMWS, but this one is a 2010 indie bottle from the Perfect Dram. You guessed it – Phil Story sorted me out on this one! 

North British 48yo 1962 (47.9%)

   N: Huge grainy nose, full of bananas, vanilla and fresh coconut. Subtly sweet and slightly rum like. Earthy, leathery, surfboard wax. With time furniture polish & banana milkshake comes to mind. Creamier with time in the glass, but then with compost and cigar box. Very moorish.
P: Delightful and scrumptious on first arrival. Like the nose there are some strong notes of vanilla, but with added coconut here. Nutty and fresh were my to first thoughts. Widens slowly in the mouth with some cinnamon and gentle spiciness. Chocolate covered nougat. Banana smoothie with honey and tinned tropical fruit
F: Long. You guessed it, bananas. Crème brule. Sweeter towards the end before some rough bitterness appears. Finish slightly unbalanced.
Comments: This is some quality aged grain. Remains relatively vibrant and silky throughout considering its age. At 48, it’s the same age as Halle Berry… and very similar in fact. Mature. yet beautiful, sexy and exciting. Like Halle Berry, how does it remain so good?! Very high 80s.


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