Balvenie 30yo : Day 19 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calender 

I’ve already reviewed most of the Balvenie core range here and always enjoy what they have to offer. I find them accessible, beautifully put together and always enjoyable. So when I received a sample of their 30 year old whisky from my Fascinating French Friend Franck, I had high hopes.
The Balvenie 30yo (47.3%)
   N: I really enjoyed this from the word go. Gentle yet bold, light yet feisty and perfumed yet smooth. Floral mixed with honey. Lots of sweet manuka honey with light fragrant grassy notes. Lightens rather than intensifies whilst in the glass. Water brings an oily edge, ripe fruits, apricot jam and a whisp of spices. 
P: Strong upfront delivery. Rich, fruit cake and honey on toast. Quite a silky sherry character with a nuttiness too. Fudge, mackies vanilla ice cream and brown sugar upon Greek yoghurt. I even get a bit of old pipe smoke.
F: Medium/long. Incredibly malty, slightly fresh and fruity with hints of rose. Continues its smooth quality throughout. 
Comments: Beautifully aged, balanced from start to finish, confident in its flavours, simple yet stunning. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 91.
Huge thanks to Franck. This was lovely


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