The Ultimate Longmorn : Day 12 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calendar

It’s always great to see two couples walk any journey together; and that includes their whisky journey. For many, that might be a pipe dream, or near impossible. The later for me as my wife will do anything to get away from any whisky….which I do not have a problem with. This is somewhat different when it comes to Thomas and Ansgar Speller, the whisky-loving couple from the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to get a small gift from Ansgar early on in the year with a beautiful hand drawn painting and a selection of special whiskies. This Longmorn being one of them. How generous. So let’s crack it open.

The Ultimate Longmorn (57.2%)
21501-584-1 N: You don’t have to be that close to the glass to tell that this whisky spent time in a sherry butt, I can tell you that. For a while, the sherry is incredibly dominant, but I found that it started loosening up after 10/15 minutes. Slightly harsh vibe going on here with sharp fruit and strong metallic notes. Then it appears to mellow into a beautiful mix of polished wood, buttery toast and chocolate. The thickness made me think of certain bordeaux wine cask matured whiskies.

P: Not as thick on the palate as I expected. Powerful, obvious sherry,slight bitter liquorice note but remains relatively thin throughout. Quite a bright oakiness with water bringing out hints of paint and orange zest. Not incredibly complex.

F: Medium. Sherried fruits and woodiness. Fruity character remains throughout. Slightly acidic and a tad bitter for my liking, whilst having quite an unbalanced quality.

Comments: Interesting, not that complex, solid use of sherry, if not too much, but fun none the less. Have to admit to being slightly let down.


A huge thanks goes out to Ansgar and Thomas. They are pretty good at keeping their reviews going, so please check them out at WhiskySpeller.


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