Glengoyne Teapot Dram (Batch 2) : Day 11 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calendar

I’m sure you all have that good friend who you love to drink your best whisky with? My best friend, best man and best drinking partner is one of my oldest friends Andy. We’ve gone through a lot together. Whether that be battling through a gale force storm in the middle of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, or playing golf on the par-3 course at Pebble Beach whilst the summer sun was setting. This man was also there when I first discovered the true beauty of whisky in a pub in Scotland and we have started out whisky journeys together. I also vividly remember buying him his first bottle – a Glengoyne 10yo; which gave us much joy in those early days. Since then, a sip of Glengoyne will usually transport me back to my early whisky years, sitting and enjoying their whisky with my dear friend.

Glengoyne Teapot Dram [Batch 2] (58.5%)
 N: I like this initial arrival, with a real depth of dark and sweet secrets. For a while you have to battle with the thick sherried nose (was this PX?) and warm leathery notes. Burning wood with a jammy nose of blackcurrents and plum. When it starts to open the riper fruits of strawberries and raspberries take over, with some ginger and even figs. With some water it brings the dustiness to the front and a real chocolate orange warmth at the end.

P: Pretty spicy coupled with some relatively thick sherry notes. Rather than old leather, there seems to be freshly polished leathery notes along with some cinnamon and spiced apples. After fighting through the sherry, there was sir strong malty notes along the chocolate orange again. Water makes this into a christmas fruit cake of a dram. I’d score this 87.

F: Long, sweet and drying. Dark raisins and huge amounts of sherry lingering around. Water again makes this an easy drinker.

Comments: Gorgeous use of sherry and in keeping with Glengoynes quality features. This shows how you can have a sherry bomb without overdoing it or being over sulphured.


A big thanks to Mr Stumbler for another one of his cracking drams and who continues to be a legend! Go check him out here.


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