Forty Creek Confederation Oak : Day 8 #Whiskyfabric Advent Calendar

Today’s dram is extra special. Not only is this the single whisky I’ll be tasting from outside of Europe, but I wouldn’t be writing on here about whisky at all if it wasn’t for the generous soul who sent it to me. Forty Creek is from Canada, as is Johanne McInnis (what an awesome segue). If you haven’t come across Johanne, or @whiskylassie as shes more commonly known, then sort yourself out. Not only does she write fantastically poignant posts, reviews and musings on her blog, she is also pretty much the pioneer of the mighty #whiskyfabric. Passionate, insightful and simply lovely, Joanne is one of those people that you really know would do anything for you. She was the first person I talked to about whisky online, the first to welcome me into the #whiskyfabric community and one of the first to generously send me samples from her collection. A lot of my passion for whisky has been encouraged by her or her writing. The pleasure was all mine when we met this summer, becoming the “Son she never wanted”, and I look forward to hopefully sharing a dram with her again in the future. This sample has been hidden away for the last year, waiting for its moment to shine. So here we go:

Forty Creek Confederation Oak (40%)
imageN: Pretty clean cut to start with, doesn’t seem willing to give too much away. Very bourbon-esq nose with warm vanilla and wide woody notes. There is a fair amount of spice here, a really nice level actually, backed up with a smooth sweetness. Some honey, maple syrup (I’m not just saying that!), bananas and some fresh sawdust. After some time in the glass it became quite nutty and slightly metallic.

P: Smooth and gentle arrival. Incredibly light mouthfeel, it just glides in and evaporates off the tongue quickly. Holding it in the mouth for longer brings vanilla, sugared sweetness, and syrup (I can’t get maple syrup out of my mind, but I might have made myself think of that). Strong oaky notes and some vanilla pipe tobacco which I have at home. Hint of spices towards the end with gingerbread men and rum soaked raisins.

F: Short/medium. More sweetness, brown sugar, sour sweets, vanilla and the tobacco still hanging around. Drying right towards the end.

Comments: Flip me, this is an easy drinker. Too easy, if that is a thing! I enjoyed so many of the elements to this; with so many beautiful and distinguishable flavours, how can you not? Sadly I just found it a tad too weak and watery on delivery which is such a shame. I’m really torn by this dram. I keep flicking between low or high 80’s due to the different factors. Due to the flavours, I think I’ll say 86 (but on another day it could easily be higher or lower). I’m very lucky to have tried this.



Myself and the Lassie (I apologise for my stupid mouth)



Meeting Johanne and a few others at the SMWS

Massive thank you to my wonderful “whisky big sis” Johanne!


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