Review: Arran 17 Year Old

Staying in the Arran frame of mind, it makes sense to whip out a quick review of their latest offering. Arran whisky seems to be getting better and better with time and I love many of their bottlings, especially their 14 year old (see what I thought of a range of Arrans here). Now have released their oldest bottling to date, let’s see how it is.


Arran 17 Year Old

Nose: Incredibly floral with a light a fragrant sweetness. It’s like an orchard here with lots of sweet fruit to start, before a sweeter stewed quality appears. I get some zesty citrus (lemon or orange, I’m not sure) and some vanilla too. Lots hiding beneath the surface including cinnamon and sweet manuka honey, with a slight sawdust note. Pretty complex and really delicious. Great start.


Palate: Slightly prickly to start. Crunchy green apples dominate at the start (with a hint of pears). The floral sweetness on the nose is still present, but is balanced with some honeyed sweetness too. The sherry works well with the fruit here, some vanilla custard over apple crumble, with a small hint of gentle spice. Some fantastic quality maltiness here with a very gentle oakiness too.


Finish: Medium-Long. It lingers nicely with raisins, apples and a warming woodiness with some toffee. Not too much sweetness here and not that drying either. Beautiful warming throughout. Cracking.


Now let’s get something straight. This isn’t good. It isn’t even very good. It’s bloomin fantastic! Arran was great up to now, but this is some seriously mature, classy, quality stuff. These clever chaps have pulled it out of the bag (yet again). This is not only good news for Arran, but for the whisky industry in general; Non-chill filtered, no added colouring and simply delicious. This is my favourite Arran to date and will be purchasing a bottle. I would recommend doing the same before they all fly off the shelves.


Thanks again goes to Arran for their generous sample.


2 thoughts on “Review: Arran 17 Year Old

    • Hi John,
      Thank you very much!
      Yes, Arran have yet to release a bottle that has disappointed me, this 17yo is no exception. Also, if you can get your hands on a Millennium Casks… grab it!

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