Welcome to the Guildford Whisky Blog


I remember vividly the 27th June 2010. On a trip to Fort William in Scotland with my good friends Andy and Max, I would discover a new passion. No not line dancing (I really don’t get that kind of stuff), but whisky!

Max discovered whisky during university and kept telling us we should try some. Sadly my only previous experience with this spirit was ‘Famous Grouse’ and ‘Bells’….these never sat well with me. One night however, Max bought a selection of single malt whiskies (including Oban, The Macallan and Lagavulin) and after a few beers we cracked on with them.

I remember the moment that I put the 16 year old Lagavulin to my lips… it was love at first taste. I spent a few years buying a bottle or so a year and drinking it every now and then, until I really started getting into the stuff a few years ago. The rest they say, is history. 


It’s taken me a while to finally get round to this, but I thought it was about time to set up a whisky blog. In short…. I’m lazy. You might get used to this!

I’ll start posting reviews on whiskies; These will be from my collection and samples that I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on. I will endeavor to make these reviews as easy, funny and relaxed as possible.


Right. Lets crack on with this….



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